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We are strong inexperience. We have represented, sold, and leased property to local, national, and global interests, including Fortune 1000 Companies. In our 50 years of operation, we have proven ourselves good interpreters of the industrial climate.

MARKETING Your property gets local and national exposure.

Our Listings are published online in the Industrial Multiple Listing Service (“Industrial Multiple” or “Industrial MLS”).  This promotes your property with brokers throughout the Southern California market.

We also publish in Co-Star and LoopNet giving national exposure to your building.

Mailers are also sent to target customers matching the geographical area and size requirements of your property.

 Purchasing or Leasing

You are provided with our 50 years of experience and knowledge of the industrial marketplace.

Our office’s close proximity to the property affords us the ability to be available at almost any give time with little to no advance notice necessary to show the building to a prospective user.

We provide sound business, real estate, and negotiation advice to our clients interested in the Southern California industrial real estate market. Our in-depth knowledge of the geographic area is one of the keys to our strength.


An analysis of your property will be done

Penta Pacific will collect pertinent information such as income, expenses, physical condition, deferred maintenance, tax, zoning, and environmental data, as well as consider local market conditions which may affect the value of the building. This information is reviewed with an intensive analysis of recent comparable sales to arrive at an Opinion of Market Value for your property.

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